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By using this website, you agree to be bound by theses terms and conditions. If for any reason you don’t agree to these terms and conditions, please reframe from the use of this site.


Introduction is an independent membership based website providing the platform to share the winning strategies of the members and Q+T trading model. Our owners and staff may have positions in some of the stocks mentioned on this site. Investments in stocks are risky and use of the information provided by and its staff is at the investors’ sole risk. Investors should not rely solely on the information provided by rather, investors should use the information reported by us as the starting point for doing additional independent research on the firms mentioned in order to allow the investor to form their own opinion regarding investing in the companies mentioned. Q+T trading model is an AI computer model which only shows potential trading signals- not recommendations. is an impersonal service, therefore, no consideration can or is made toward your financial circumstances. opinions are subject to change without notice. All material presented within is not to be regarded as investment advice, but for general informational purposes only. You also agree to bear complete responsibility for your investment research and decisions and acknowledge that QplusT Limited has not and will not make any specific recommendations or give advice to you or any of its clients upon which they should rely. We are not registered as securities broker/dealers or investment advisors with any country securities regulatory authority. We recommend consulting with a registered investment advisor, broker/dealer, and/or financial advisor. We do not accept any liability for any loss or information, representation or omission, whether negligent or otherwise, contained in the trading strategies whether communicated by word or message, typed or spoken by any of our staff.


General Terms


1.         By registering for or using the service, you agree to be bound by all of the terms of this agreement throughout the process and use of the service. QplusT Limited, reserve the right to modify the terms of this agreement or any features of the service at any time. Such modification shall be effective immediately upon either posting of the modified agreement or feature, as the case may be, or notifying you. You agree to review this agreement periodically to ensure that you are aware of any modifications. Your continued access or use of the service shall be deemed your conclusive acceptance of the modified agreement. may also impose limits on certain features and services or restrict your access to parts or all of the service without notice or liability.

2.         You are responsible for the use of your password.

3.         Membership with our website will continue until it is either discontinued by us or the subscription period is expired.

4.         Unused time for the month in which you requested cancellation will not be refunded.

5.         Simultaneous account logins are not allowed. The late login user will kick out current login user.

6.         You agree that excessive simultaneous account logins from different IP addresses will result in the termination of service.

7.         You agree not to give your account information to anyone.

8.         You agree that by yourself, or in conjunction with others not to compete with, or have any interest in such business enterprise which shall be engaged in competition, as proprietor, partner, employee, shareholder, principal, agent, consultant, director, officer or in any capacity or manner whatsoever, anywhere.

9.         You agree that you are NOT a Hong Kong resident.


Payment and Renewal

Payment for your subscription is due in advance of the subscription period you select. We feature only Monthly subscription. You agree to pay the membership fee to QplusT Limited through QplusT Service Limited.

-        Monthly Membership

This is US$50 per 1 month membership. This amount will be billed to your credit card each month. There are no extra charges or fees. Your payment is handled by PayPal on their secure server and will be required to use recurring payment.  For your convenience, your membership will automatically renew every month at the rate of $50 until you cancel your membership. 


You may cancel your recurring subscription at anytime and your cancellation will take effect immediately. Cancellation must be done through the third party company PayPal where you initially started your subscription. For PayPal users simply login to your PayPal account click on the link associated with our subscription and cancel. You will, however, continue to access to our service until the end of the current billing period. We will stop charging the coming month membership fee but we will not refund the membership fee that is already charged.

Termination reserves the right to expel users and prevent further access to the site or cancel membership in without refund, for violating this agreement or the law, and to remove users that are illegal, abusive or disruptive. This web site is for your personal and non-commercial use.


Disclaimer, any related products and services are tools only and are not intended to replace individual research or third party professional advice. The services/information contained in this website shall not be construed as amounting to offers, invitations, or solicitation to buy or sell any securities/futures, services or products concerned in any jurisdiction. Past performances don’t guarantee future results. Testimonials are non-representative of all clients. Trading stocks involves substantial risk, and there is always the potential for loss. Your trading results may vary. No representations are being made that any training will guarantee profits or not result in losses from trading. A licensed Broker/Dealer and/or Registered Investment Advisor can only perform the purchase, sale or advice regarding a security. QplusT Limited does not take any compensation of any kind whatsoever from any companies that we mention on our website, emails or newsletter. Our company, its affiliates, owners, analysts or investors, are not liable for any losses or damages, monetary or otherwise, that result from actions taken after reading the contents from our site, email or newsletter. Our company or any of its data or content providers shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content. By signing up for our services you agree to indemnify and hold harmless our company, its employees and owners against any and all actions, claims, damages, obligations, losses, proceedings, expenses and liabilities.


Privacy Policy


QplusT Limited respects the privacy of your information. The Company pledges to meet fully, and where possible exceed, internationally recognized standards of personal data privacy protection. The Company shall ensure compliance by its staff with the strictest standards of security and confidentiality. At the time of your registration and during other times when using the Web Site, we may ask you to provide certain personal information about yourself, for example, your name, e-mail address, contact details, etc.

We will use this information for the purposes of collecting data for identity ratification and records, sending you information about different product and services, maintaining contact lists, compiling aggregate statistics on Web Site Usage and processing your purchase orders. To enable us to provide you with customisable and personalized services, we use cookie files to store and track information about you when you visit the Web Site and this is done without you being aware that it is occurring.

Given the nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee that the transmission of data is 100% secure. However, we shall take all practicable steps to ensure that any information collected by us via the Web Site is safe and secure from third party interference. However, please be aware that advertisers or web sites that have links on our Web Site may collect personal data about you.

This privacy statement does not cover such third party practices. Once we have received such information, we will maintain this information according to our usual strict security and confidentiality standards. We may provide this information to third parties including but not limited to the Company’s holding, subsidiary or associated companies or contractors/agents.

Information we collect about you will not be disclosed by us to the Company’s advertisers in a form that would identify you. We shall retain your information for so long as you are a registered user. We may use your Information to market products or services to you by e-mailing you in relation to the same from time to time.

You may review and update your Information online by visiting the Web Site after login.




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