Frequently Ask Questions


Frequently Ask Questions

1.         How to use Q+T Uptrend Trading Model?


            Q+T Uptrend Trading Model is only a trading strategy, not a recommendation. So the members need to choose the stock first, and then treat the model idea as a reference. They can find out the historical simulation result such as re-invested return, profitable ratio, annualised average return, return on risk, etc. 


2.         I cannot find QplusT emails from the inbox. Why?


Some email software will classify our Company’s emails as junk mail. You can check your junk mail box if you cannot find our emails in inbox.


3.         How to find out the Hong Kong stock real time price?


The members can use any search engine to find “Hong Kong Stock Exchange”. Inside Hong Kong Stock Exchange website, they will find out the website links that have Hong Kong stock real time price.


4.         Why do I need to join as member?


            After joining as the member of, you can browse the most updated trading ideas of Q+T Uptrend Trading Model and other members’ trading strategies. Otherwise, you can only browse the trading ideas, which delay more than one month.


5.         Can Q+T Uptrend Trading Model be used in the other stock market?


            Yes. We believe that Q+T Uptrend Trading Model algorithm can be applied to any stock market. However, we do not have enough resources to develop other market’s model at this moment.


6.         How to apply the trading model for the derivative products?


            The price movement of the derivative products should depend on the direction of the underlying products. If you have the high winning probability for the stocks, you can multiply the returns by using the derivative products of stocks.


7.         Is Q+T Uptrend Trading Model a curve-fitting model?


            No. It is because we use the same effective factors throughout the whole data range for the model simulation. Thus it should not be a curve-fitting algorithm.


8.         How can I get Hong Kong Stocks information such as corporate profile and historical price graph?


            You can find out the website links from Hong Kong Stock Exchange website, which not only provide the real time quotes but also the detail information such as corporate profile, historical price graph, company news, etc.






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